Special Effects:

Here is a list of the special effects we can provide for your event.  Just click on the icon for a larger image of the effect.

  Dancing in the Clouds
Low lying ground level fog
  Flame Injectors
Coloured flames rising 12 feet
  Cryo Jets
Columns of white fog rising 15 feet
Clouds of white fog throughout the room
Create a snowstorm almost anywhere
Thousands of bubbles at the flick of a switch
  Confetti Cannon
Create your own storm with paper or foil confetti
Indoor Fireworks Shows

These are a great way to celebrate any occasion, whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, corporate event, or even a fund raiser!

Here is a list of common items we can provide for your next function!  Check out our 'Rates' page for packages, or we can create a custom show just for you!

  Outdoor Fireworks Shows

Outdoor fireworks shows are always the most spectacular, and draw the largest crowds!  What a great way to impress your clients, friends, and family.

These are just a small sample of some outdoor pyrotechnics we use.  Check out our 'Outdoor Fireworks' page for more selections, and descriptions of the shells!
Columns of silver sparks from 3' to 12' high, and from 1 to 12 seconds duration
A spider like effect in the sky, like fine lace
Line Rockets
Running along a wire at breakneck speed
Gold rising star leaving a trail of sparks as it rises in the sky
Confetti Bombs
A quick 'POP' and there's confetti everywhere
A type of comet that breaks into multiple comets, usually forming a cross shape
Large flames rising 6 feet for 6 seconds - and you can feel the heat!
A shell that produces a 'starfish' like shape
Always the crowd's #1 favourite effect, whether indoors and out! Lasts about 30 seconds
ooks like a spherical ball of coloured lights in the sky
A shell that produces a ring or multiple rings as it's pattern
ooks like a giant gold willow tree in the sky

Roman Candle
Multiple flaming balls rising high in the air; can be same or multi-coloured





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