Outdoor Fireworks Shows:

The overall cost for an outdoor fireworks show can vary greatly, depending on the selected venue, fireworks product involved, and the duration of the show.

The best way to get an accurate cost of your show is to call Neil and discuss your request directly.

'Family Style fireworks: shows start at $1,699.

Commercial fireworks: shows start at $1,999.

Costs identified above include pyrotechnics, show setup, and cleanup. Permits and insurance extra.  Additional venue cost may apply.







Indoor Fireworks Shows:

Wedding Package Four

Indoor Waterfall (6 jets) and 2 Fountains


Wedding Package Three

Indoor Waterfall (6 jets)


Wedding Package Two

Wall of Sparks


Wedding Package One

6 Fountains


Fire Power Package Five

Waterfall and 6 Fountains


Specialty Wedding Package

Dancing in the clouds, snow, 4 fountains












One Fountain



Flames rising 6 feet (price per tube/flame)


Confetti Bomb

'POP', and confetti is everywhere


Line Rocket

Runs at lightning speed across the room





Special Effects:

Subtract $100 if ordered with above package


Bubble Machine

Thousands of bubbles per minute


Snow Machine

Make it winter time, any time!


Dancing in the Clouds (LSG)

Low lying ground level fog





Cryo Jets

Fog jets rising 15 feet


Confetti Cannon (one shot)

Confetti 30 feet in the air (confetti extra)


Best Shot Continuous Conf.

Confetti 40 feet in the air (confetti extra)





Outdoor Firework Shells



2 inch diameter

Rises 200 feet


3 inch diameter

Rises 300 feet


4 inch diameter

Rises 400 feet


5 inch diameter

Rises 500 feet


6 inch diameter

Rises 600 feet


8 inch to 12 inch diameter

800 - 1,200 feet





Specialty Outdoor Fireworks



Flying Saucers

Various sizes (price range $149 - $299 each)



Similar to indoor pyro bangs, but louder


Nautical Shells

Fountain explodes out of water



100 jets










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