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 Welcome to our FAQs page, we hope you find it helpful.  Here are some of the most common questions we get asked:

Can I afford a fireworks show?
Most people can.  With our prices starting at $620, anyone can have fireworks at their event!  While some large outdoor production shows run in the 10s of thousands, you can get a decent show for under $2,000!

Do you have damage and liability insurance?
We carry $5,000,000 damage and liability insurance policy which applies to every show we do, whether it's indoor pyro, outdoor fireworks, or special effects. 

Can I have an outdoor fireworks show in my backyard?
Not usuallly, but depends on the size of your yard.  Typical city lots do not provide sufficient space to shoot an outdoor show legally or safely.  We have, however, been able to shoot shows where owners have large lots or neighbouring property, typically in the suburbs.

What if it rains at my event, can you still fire my show?
Possibly.  The only weather that typically affect firing a show are strong winds, which can alter where the fallout from the fireworks will land.  We won't fire a show if anyone's safety would be compromised.

I'm considering having fireworks at my event, what do I do next?
First of all, gather some basic information.  What type of event it will it be, the venue, is it indoors or outside, the date, and some idea how much you want to spend.  Then call Neil at 604-590-4855 to discuss your idea.  He can give you suggestions on venue and fireworks selection, and help you fit the type of show you want with your budget.

Do you sell fireworks or pyrotechnics?
No, we do not sell fireworks.



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